Product features

  • Intuitive web interface with latest satellite images(MODIS, VIIRS, Landsat, Sentinel-2)
  • Basemaps in various flavours
  • Active fire detections from MODIS, VIIRS and Meteosat (where available) updated hourly or even every 15 minutes (Meteosat)


Intuitive web interface with latest satellite images
Color-coded burnead areas after day of burning
  • Burned Area Mapping with Landsat and Sentinel-2
  • Maps with colour coded information on day of burning
  • Visualized with a time slider
  • Original satellute images as a backdrop
  • Emissions from our Landsat/Sentinel 2 high resolution or MODIS 500 m burned area product + heat relase measured from active fires
  • Maps of burned biomass per m²
  • Information on click for each fire displayed in info box or sidebar
  • Chart information for each fire
Information on each fire
fire emssions as Global Warming Potentials
  • Statistics for study area + user-defind subsets: tables and charts
  • long time series of burned areas and fire emssions helps to establish an emissions baseline for climate mitigation projects.
  • Baseline with uncertainty margins helps assess project feasibility quickly
  • Dashboard map with current fire situation
  • Current fire activity / carbon emissions
  • Fire weather information
  • Current burned area information
dashboard with fire weather forecast

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